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Sumant Batra
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Sumant is a respected professional and his knowledge and understanding of insolvency law is well-recognised. He has long international experience. He commands full authority on this subject, which can be gathered from the fact that he has been the President of INSOL International, a well-reputed International Association of Insolvency Practitioners.

Foreword by
Hon’ble Justice A.K. Sikri,
Judge Supreme Court of India

…..A comprehensive book by an eminent insolvency expert at this stage which explains key dimensions of new insolvency law based on best practices and experience in other jurisdictions, with simplicity and clarity, can serve timely and useful purpose for the stakeholders. This is exactly what Sumant Batra’s book does.

Additional Foreword by
Hon’ble Chief Justice (Retd.), M.M. Kumar,
President, National Company Law Tribunal

I am pleased to note that within days of the Code being enacted, Mr. Sumant Batra has come up with this elaborate treatise on the Code. I am sure, it will be a great resource for practitioners, policy makers, researchers and academics to understand in detail the change that is in the offing. I am certain that this treatise will motivate more inquisitive minds to delve deeper into various aspects of the Code from an interdisciplinary perspective, enriching the Indian literature on bankruptcy and insolvency in the days ahead.

Prologue by
Dr. M S Sahoo,
Chairperson, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India

Sumant Batra is a leading global expert in the areas of bankruptcy, insolvency and corporate debt restructuring and has been at the forefront of developments in international insolvency for many years, including through his work on the World Bank Principles for Effective Insolvency & Creditor/Debtor Rights Systems.

Mahesh Uttamchandani,
Practice Manager, Finance & Markets Global Practice, The World Bank Group

With this publication, Sumant Batra proficiently explains the advantages of the Model Law and highlights the momentous opportunity India (a member of UNCITRAL since 1968) has, should it consider its adoption, in joining 42 other States in the World, 7 of which from the Asia Pacific Region (Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Philippines, Republic of Korea and Vanuatu).

Joao Ribeiro,
Head, UNCITRAL Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific

We congratulate Mr Batra on his endeavours to provide an early edition roadmap as a guide to the new legislation. This comes at a significant time for INSOL International which has this year celebrated 35 years since the organization was founded and which prides itself on being truly global‐an aspiration to which Sumant Batra contributed so much during his Presidency.

Adam Harris,
President, INSOL International

I admire Sumant’s ability to make things happen with a high degree of precision, adorable punctuality and consistent dexterity. This book is more than a testimony to all that and a promise that much more on the subject is being fermented in mind, to be distilled sooner or later.

A S Chandhiok,
President, INSOL India
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